Medical Transcription

Globally healthcare industry is under pressure to expand services to have an edge in this competitive market, reducing operation cost is an aspect which the industry is constantly looking at. To address this challenge developing effectiveness in the back office is significant.

We provide electronic medical recording services along with traditional medical transcription services, editing services for VRS scribed dictations along with assisting providers with creating and maintaining coordinated database with accurate and up-to-date patient records.

A chief element of the healthcare sector is medical record-keeping and its quality is of utmost importance. Physicians need to dictate their notes into a digital recorder or Dictaphone, which must be transcribed into the patient's medical record. This is where medical transcription comes into picture, and where your corporation can reduce cost. With the rush in medical field transcription saves time for physicians and also ensures accuracy otherwise caused by illegible handwriting.

Our specializations are in the following areas:

• General/Vascular Surgery

• Plastic Surgery

• Orthopedics Surgery

• Cardiology

• Podiatry

• Neurosurgery/Neurology


• Ophthalmology

• Dermatology

• Gastroenterology

• Urology

• Otolaryngology (ENT)

• Internal Medicine

• Geriatrics and Family Medicine

We also offer scribing for the following reports:

• History and Physical Examination

• Operative Reports/Consultation Reports

• Patient Progress Notes

• SOAP Notes

• Referral Notes

• Follow-up Notes/Clinic Notes

• Disability Reports

• Workman Compensation Reports

• Pathology Reports

• Nurse Practitioners Notes

• EMG, NCS and EEG

• Sleep Study

• Pulmonary Function Test

• Emergency Room Notes

• Psychiatry Reports

• General Correspondence

• Discharge Summaries

• Narratives

• Radiology Reports/X-Ray Reports

• Hospital Progress Notes

• Procedure Notes

• Surgical Procedures

• Independent Medical Evaluations

• Peer Reviews